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April 08, 2024

"We must be productive to love generously." - Albert Joy

Enjoying life together. We have made it a habit to enjoy group activities. We'll host, whether it's a concert or an activity, a tour, or some special event like this one. The more people involved, the more laughs, adventures, and memorable accounts.

Here are some photos from a "cooking 101" event with some friends and fellow travelers.

( Hana Kitchens | Chef: Ethan Meyer @MagicChef | Owner: Joe DiCondina)

Charity Means Love
How do you express faith through love? My prime charitable objective: Foster community in unique and impactful ways. This is the way to our investing and work.

Cooking vs. A Culinary Experience
The difference between a chef and a cook is attention to detail. To me, it is about the “How”, but also the “Why”.

Cooking might be good enough for most of our meals. Something quick, affordable, sustainable, tastes good. It comes in generous portions. But every now and then, you want a meal cooked by a chef. Someone who knows what they are doing. They have studied their craft. They have invested time and dollars into nuanced and sophisticated equipment. Far more expensive than you would invest in your own home. In a proper restaurant, a series of cooks work to deliver that excellent meal placed before you. It delights your senses. Of course, it costs more for a better result.

If done well, all five senses engage. A culinary experience, rather than sustenance; another meal.

"Opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated." - Jordan Peterson

Compared To Real Estate Decisions
Hawaii is a world class real estate environment. This requires operating in optimal fashion. Have you deployed all your assets? How is your portfolio operating relative to the market standard? Could you buy more? Can you get higher after-tax returns than you are getting now? By how much? Do you know how to create a stepping-stone opportunity to someone who has less earning capacity than you? Can you create an affordable solution for them? Can you do that while also generating an investment opportunity for you?

People complain about a lack of affordable housing or cost of living. In my experience, few know the extent of their own reach. Many prematurely conclude that their journey is impossible. Their journey terminated before taking the first step, reaching for the right guide. The time for hiring real estate agents because of familiarity or access is over. Skills matter. Look for them.

For people that have assets and momentum. Interested in Hawaii real estate as an investment? Ones that desire to do the most they can with what they have? These are the people who reap the most rewards. These are the projects I enjoy the most. Together, we create opportunities for the ones they love. This way the effort, investment, and intention last for generations. Is that not a "How" and a "Why" that resounds with you?

Albert Joy maximizes profit for real estate and business opportunities in Hawaii. Learn more about Albert. Watch the video below.

Al standing along the shoreline

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