Ascend Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Projects. Optimized.

Our clients want the absolute best outcomes. While we execute the full-spectrum of land and property deals, the common thread is informed clients that want expert solutions.

Get more than basic buyer and seller support from our passionate, experienced team.

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End-to-end solutions.

Beyond solid strategic advice, we are hands-on professionals. For us, providing the best solutions incorporates every detail including financing, legal and construction considerations.

Go above ordinary partnerships and get extra-ordinary results.

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Providing Value with Our Real Estate Solutions

We provide opportunities and overcome challenges for our clients in countless ways. Here are just a few.

Expert new home sales agent and broker.

Expert home sales agent and broker.

Structuring debt for the highest returns in alignment with your resource capability and goals.

Open lines of communication with real options. Fill the executor and document gap.

Pick and choose responsibilities, risks, and returns.

REO owned properties, auction sales, distressed properties, VA assumable loans, and other non-standard methods.

Sourcing and securing the most profitable properties.

Access to high return income properties.

Implement the optimal curve of investment and return.

Increase your reach through leveraging tenant rents in multiples.

Navigate title, financing, and planning and permitting issues.

Let's connect.