Ascend Solar Solutions

Your profit. Their expense.

Our complete solar program creates an additional revenue stream for homeowners renting their property. We handle 100% of the process: administration, installation and accounting.

Get a new monthly income stream with no management fee or additional investment.

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Save money. Save the planet.

For homeowners, our solar solutions represent a reliable energy cost savings month after month. No upfront fees. No ongoing costs.

Lower your expenses and increase the money in your pocket.

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Providing Value with Our Solar Solutions

We provide opportunities and overcome challenges for our clients in countless ways. Here are just a few.

Full range of PV solutions for homeowners.

Monitor use and present options for you, increasing efficiency before offering the right size solution for you. 

True "out of pocket" figures to get solar financed with less cash, while cash flows recapture from tax credits. 

Maximize tax credit, lower bill, or work within a budget. 

Convert your tenants' energy bill into an income stream for you. 

How much energy you use, as well as what time you use it, goes into properly designing a system for you. No guessing!

20 year financing, household income limit applies. 

Turn information into action.

Presenting our deep industry knowledge directly to you.

Let's connect.