Ascend Construction Solutions

Build profits with smart projects.

The most important construction decision happens before the first nail, board or can of paint. What is the best way to optimize ROI with smart upgrades that satisfies your investment criteria?

Make intelligence development decisions and maximize profit for your investment.

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Exceptional knowledge.
Expert execution.

We have completed hundreds of projects for banks, investors and homeowners. Our experience is unrivalled. We reliably produce outstanding outcomes.

Gain the financial advantage only knowledge and experience create.

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Providing Value with Our Construction Solutions

We provide opportunities and overcome challenges for our clients in countless ways. Here are just a few.

Designing and building custom new homes.

Lower cost, functional choices to ensure quick return of capital. 

Smart property analysis for maximum profit and utility. 

Improve your project plans while getting a balanced and fair bid from the best vendors that can be found in the business. 

Speed up the permitting process as best you can through vigilant follow up. 

Optimizing properties for sale and improved quality of life. 

Improve the competitive value of your property for the dollars spent. 

Gain access to decades of knowledge, saving time and obtaining the best access to value for dollars spent. 

Increase functional unit counts for less than buying. 

Licensed and insured (License #CT 32803)

Turn information into action.

Presenting our deep industry knowledge directly to you.

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