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Clarity, Precision and Action Program (CPA)

The precise and profitable plan you need to confidently move forward with clarity.

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The CPA makes your path to profit clear, optimal and achievable.

  • Fact

    The most promising opportunities can generate more profit than expected.

  • Fact

    Challenging situations have hidden opportunities for incredible return on investment.

Who is the CPA Program for?

The CPA Program gives elegant, beautiful solutions to people with less-than-clear situations. It is the perfect program for those who connect with the statements below:

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  • I want to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible…”
  • I want to ensure my real estate project is as successful as possible…”
  • I want a seasoned professional to represent my interests and confirm the
    best way forward…”
  • I need to understand how I can achieve my financial goals through real estate…”

How does the CPA Program work?

Live Expert Solutions

Industry expert Albert Joy listens to your needs and learns about your unique situation. He then conducts his own research and uses his extensive network of professional contacts to develop the clearest and most effective path to achieving your goals.

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What will program participants receive?

Your needs and wants will be transformed into a clear, precise and actionable plan to overcome challenges and generate the most profit as quickly as possible.

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Process. Proven.

Family first. The only acceptable solution.
Enjoy this Ascend Client Story. 

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started:

CPA Program meetings are held live, once a week for 90-minutes each over a four-week timeframe. You can choose to meet in-person, by phone or via an internet meeting platform.


There are only two steps to get started.

  1. Sign and fund the Consulting Agreement
  2. Confirm live meeting times that are favorable to your schedule

Literally, from day one, things get better and stronger.

Get clarity. Maximize ROI.

Move forward confidently, with precision.