Increasing ROI for Investment in Hawaii

Discover incredible ROI

Golden investment opportunities are rarely offered to the public. Achieve superior ROI. Get access to the best projects.

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Too many options, not enough real opportunities.

Every time you invest capital you incur an “opportunity cost.” With your money tied up, how do you know you have the safest and best ROI if you don’t have the full picture?

Most people take on so much unnecessary risk and have no idea how much money they’re leaving on the table.

Becoming the leader in Hawaiian real estate investments.

Learn how Ascend Pacific CEO Albert Joy overcame adversity to become a successful businessperson and honorable man.

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Incredible opportunities & the highest ROI

Our clients know about the best investment opportunities and have access to them in real time.

An established part of the Hawaii real estate professional community for two generations, we have facilitated and participated in private real estate projects at all investment levels.

Go beyond retail investing and connect with safer, more profitable opportunities designed specifically for your investment goals.


Hawaii real estate provides great opportunities for smart investors who have access to the best projects for their goals. This is exactly what we do for our clients. We look forward to giving you the same incredible service and superior ROI.

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