Maximizing ROI for Hawaii Land Owners

Get the biggest income from land.

There are countless ways to generate the most income from your land. Get the perfect plan to maximize the value of your property.

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Land presents unique challenges for investors.

Making the most money with land is unlike buying stock or bonds. Investments in land have taxation implications, zoning limitations as well as changing laws at all levels of government. There are significant challenges and unforeseen costs. The penalty for not knowing what you are doing is severe.

Becoming the leader in Hawaiian real estate investments.

Learn how Ascend Pacific CEO Albert Joy overcame adversity to become a successful businessperson and honorable man.

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Proven solutions that maximize ROI

We know the land laws in Hawaii. We have generated incredible profit in local real estate for two generations. We develop creative and professional solutions that maximize ROI for your specific property and for your unique goals.

Discover the hidden profit potential in your property. Make the most money with your land. Let’s work together to make sure your real estate gives you the financial outcomes that you want most.


Land ownership can be a nightmare or it can be the most profitable investment you’ve ever made. Make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table. Let’s discuss your property today.

Get the most income with your land: