Optimizing Opportunities with Office Space in Hawaii

Productivity starts here.

An optimized work space increases all the drivers of profit: productivity, teamwork, creativity and innovation.

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Office space challenges are bigger than ever.

Securing the right office space has always been a good idea, but today, it is often the difference between surviving and thriving. Poorly negotiated leases erode working capital. Suboptimal floorplans kill communication and creativity. Bad locations repeal top talent. You have to get it right.

Becoming the leader in Hawaiian real estate investments.

Learn how Ascend Pacific CEO Albert Joy overcame adversity to become a successful businessperson and honorable man.

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Discover where incredible productivity happens

There are two ways to increase net income: increasing revenue and cutting expenses. With the right office space and the right purchase price, financing or lease contract, you get both at the same time. It’s not a one-time advantage, the benefits happen every day and boost every quarter.

We have created incredible solutions for Hawaii businesses for decades. Let us show you how your people in the right place creates magic for your company.


From sourcing locations, to construction and renovation, negotiating leases and securing financing, working together we will optimize productivity and profit with the optimal office space for your team.

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