Increasing Income from Residential Properties in Hawaii

Unlock hidden profit.

Go beyond just collecting rent. Stop leaving money on the table. We will show you how to unlock your full profit potential.

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Challenges come with all residential property investments.

Unlike the stock market, real estate investments need to be managed. Laws are changing all the time, maintenance fees rise, property taxes increase, things break and need to be repaired, the market goes up and down and unforeseen cost can instantly kill your buffer resulting in negative cash flow.

Becoming the leader in Hawaiian real estate investments.

Learn how Ascend Pacific CEO Albert Joy overcame adversity to become a successful businessperson and honorable man.

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Professional solutions that maximize profits

Many new real estate owners are hesitant to invest in professional management of their property. They want to save costs, they have a “guy” who is going to help, and they have a reliable family friend who is the perfect tenant…

Real estate investing is exactly that: investing. Find out what the most successful investors in Hawaii and worldwide already know. Teaming with AJ virtually eliminates your risk, increases your profit and gives you complete peace of mind.


The return you currently receive from your property is not enough. We can do so much better. Let's optimize your cash flow and ROI with custom solutions that accelerate your goals.

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