Increasing Profit for Shops & Restaurants in Hawaii

More profit, less headaches.

Increasing the performance of your shop or restaurant provides customers with incredible value – which leads to even more profit.

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How do you find time & money to improve?

No business takes as much personal time and energy as retail stores and restaurants. Every owner wants to improve, most believe they can. But finding the time and money to drive change is a luxury very few can afford.

Becoming the leader in Hawaiian real estate investments.

Learn how Ascend Pacific CEO Albert Joy overcame adversity to become a successful businessperson and honorable man.

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Proven solutions to maximize your profit

We understand that spending tons of time or money is not often possible for local business owners. That’s why we implement profit-generating ideas from day one. With the increase in profit, we are able to create even more profitable solutions together.

Find out how the most successful local business take their profits to new levels, streamline operations and achieve their goals by working together with us.


Like you, we are from Hawaii and are committed local business owners. We look forward to you becoming the run-away success you know you can be. Let’s achieve all of your business goals together.

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