Eyes on the “Why’s”

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January 29, 2024

Your middle is always our beginning

When you begin the conversation with a focus on purpose. When trust and connection are present, we provide undivided attention to the solution. Then the consistent results are both surprising and astounding.

What happened?

We received an unsolicited thank you recently. We share part of a correspondence from an agent who sold a property to an investment group of ours.

"Above it all, I am most grateful for your commitment to follow through on your word. Meeting you was a blessing and I believe there is no one better to take over this home and make it good again. Good luck with your new investment project. I wish you the highest ROI on this flip.”

-A real estate agent and owner
Oahu January 2024.

Her situation

She had fallen through escrow three times on a free and clear property. This is a 20-year veteran of real estate for her personal property.

Our offer

I offered to do more than what we contracted, but she wanted a quick and resolute exit.

Chance favors the prepared

We have prepared a series of Single Purpose Entity LLC's (SPE's) in advance. With advance and repeat work with our lender, we get approvals in 7 days now. We closed as stated, in about 30 days. On time.

Smoothing out the drama

The condition of the home required more work than we expected, but we held to our initial offer. We have long understood that all sellers want these three simple things. A fair price, a smooth closing, and no surprises. Blessed with cost-saving resources, we deliver on skills and tactics.

What do all Sellers want? “...A fair price, a smooth closing, and no surprises.”


We pulled permits within 24 hours of closing. We fixed the foundation, repaired and re-roofed and fumigated in a week. How long did it take me to get these resources to align on our timetable? About 35 years.

My aspiration

My aim is to excel in a manner that is undeniable. Working only on impactful projects for those committed to action. Documenting past achievements. Real estate transcends mere bricks and mortar. Our choices are about realizing life aspirations. Our priority is achieving and reclaiming life through meaningful purpose.

A reminder to myself

Your efforts will always be most fruitful when you keep your eyes on the “why’s”.

My promise

If you're facing any real estate issues or need help, I will meet with you for free. I might solve what you think is impossible on the spot. At the very least, I will point you in the right direction.

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