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January 23, 2024

(Image by Ian Turnell)

The engine of poverty and injustice is fueled by misguided charity.
-Albert Joy

This notion is especially poignant in the realm of real estate, an industry where innovation is often the key to progress.

The Market Challenge
Complaining to my real estate coach in 1999, “The real estate market is broken!” After reflection, in the next session, he returned and gave me advice: “Make it obsolete”.

It took ten years, but I eventually built one of the most productive teams in Hawaii. Record volume on a forty-hour work week with a skeleton crew across five islands.

I did not know then what I know now. Likely, I have forgotten more than I have retained. But we continue to invest in learning. No resting on laurels. On to the next mountain.

Comparing approaches: Bottom up.

Trying to do things from the bottom up will be much longer and more fraught with waste. Solving things from our circumstance is ill-informed. We make more mistakes along the way. There are a multitude of options on how we would approach raising our altitude. Bridging the gap from where we are to where we should be is a great distance.

Top down instead.

‘Tis more useful to set undivided attention, on how things should be. To look at things from top down and make it so. Direct. Clear vision. The narrow path.

The springs of divine power gush forth precisely
in the midst of human weakness.
-John Paul II

SALVIFICI DOLORIS by Pope John Paul II, an Apostolic letter written February 11, 1984

Current Endeavor
Exploration is constant. Documenting in depth the acquisition of properties in different forms, with different purpose, then measuring the results. Clarifying strategy. Retain what works, throw out the rest. Parlay what we have learned. Systematically increase care and due diligence. Winning the race begins with running in the right direction. Break it down. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

The Vision

The aim is to identify opportunities that offer high returns, rapid cycles, and require minimal active management. It's not just about finding deals; it's about finding the right deals.

Professional Development

Polishing skills in real estate investment to reach optimal performance is critical. Equally important is transitioning from past responsibilities to new horizons with a clear mindset.

Collaboration Over Mentorship

The realization has dawned that mentorship can be a double-edged sword. Now, the focus is on collaboration with professionals who contribute significantly and are justly rewarded for their expertise. Ones who desire to master their trade. Circumspect perspective and individual responsibility. The bar of accountability is raised. We subscribe to a new standard.

Changing Industry Norms

The traditional patterns of pro-bono professional time are becoming obsolete. The value should be placed on skills and experience rather than just connections. He who benefits pays. He who puts trust in the right place gets a multiple on the investment. He protects the downside as well.

The Value of Time
Time is our most precious resource. It's essential to use it wisely, for personal growth, and for the betterment of our work. Productivity should never come at the expense of personal time, which is best spent with loved ones.

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