The Beam In My Eye

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April 25, 2024

What is the beam in my eye?

The silent majority has a voice.

When I speak to people, they often ask for advice. But I always have to start with letting them talk about where they are.


The lesson gained without effort is always undervalued. When we don't work or pay for lessons, we lose them. We keep the things we value.

People don't listen until they are ready to hear. Speaking before that moment is worse than wasted breath. My numbered days are far too valuable to spend on ears not prepared soil.

So, for the rest of you, what is the splinter in your eye? Spend ten minutes looking at your life.

List out all the things you could and should be doing better right now, for the benefit of your life and legacy.

When you have all those things squared away, then you gain license to criticize anyone else.

Likely, you will no longer have such energy about someone else’s faults.

Get to work on your splinter. I’ll work on my beam.

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